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Three Musketeers by RabbitLuver21 Three Musketeers by RabbitLuver21
Left to right: Delilah, Laila, and Niles



Name: Laila
Middle Name: Ramona
Color: (Raw) Sienna
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Sexuality: Straight
Nationality: American, French
Personality: Stuck-up, Cocky, Witty, Rude, Stubborn, Hard-headed, Sassy, suprisingly Introverted
Height: 5'6
Weight: 107 lbs
Class: Colorchestra
Instrument: Viola
Talents: Conducting a piece of music, Flaunting, Manicures, Yelling, Giving Attitude
Birthday: April 21

History: Going to the same elementary school as Edda, she used to be her best friend until she found the want to be around the wrong crowd. Ever since an incident that caused Edda to get her glasses due to Laila being pressured by what she considered the 'cool kids', Laila forced herself to forget about Edda and became violent torwards her and start to bully her. She did this so much that she actually forgot what happened and holds hostility to Edda, and she doesn't know why. With Edda leaving the elementary school, Laila grew up pretty much happy with the people she hung out with and had music close to her heart for a loooong time now. Her parents, seeing she loves to play viola, decide to send her to Willowfree, not only knowing that it would be a better enviroment for her than Cantabound, but also knew Edda was attending there, since Edda and Laila's parents are actually very close in friendship, unbeknownst to Laila. Having Delilah and Niles, the two people that actually stuck with her and are good friends for her from middle school, she has quite the amusing stories with them and now, with a new guy that she met, Asher, it's even more amusing to see what happens in her life.

-She's obviously a big tsun-tsun LOL
-She has a crush on Asher and she's bad at hiding it
-Making sure her nails are perfect is a priority for her
-She hates it when Niles and Delilah tease her about her crush and want to punch them
-She'll be snappy with you if she doesn't like you and probably will insult you
-Don't insult her wardrobe, she tries hard to look fab LOL
-Suprisingly, she's an introvert, so if she socializes too much, she'll probably just abruptly leave and try to be by herself and read.
-She loves to hang out with Ashley and learn some tips from her
-She can play a meeeeeean viola. (She's srsly good PFF-)
-She's a cat lover, and has a kitty named Els
-Call her viola a violin and she will pimp-slap you


Name: Delilah
Middle Name: Merliz
Color: (Metallic) Seaweed
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Sexuality: Pansexual
Nationality: American
Personality: Outgoing, Loud like a latina, Sassy, Blunt, Prankster, Messy
Height: 5'4
Weight: 124 lbs
Class: Grimband
Instrument: Xylophone
Talents: Showing her ghetto PFF- , Counting on beat, rapping, finding good clothes at a cheap price, pissing people off, dissing everyone
Birthday: December 29

History: Delilah growing up was just living in a tough neighborhood, known for it's countless of gangs living there and obviously was called 'the ghetto neighbahood'. Delilah's parents were just ordinary, and regular, and were very unaware that they moved into a dangerous neighborhood, and let Delilah hang out with the local kids.
It was a bad start when she met them. They disrespected her and called her names while she would just stand there and take it, listening to them berating her and even got hurt physically by them and ended up running home to her parents everytime. Eventually, one of the neighbors decide to come to them and help. It was a middle-aged black woman with her son being a little older than her. Later on she finds that this kid would be her best friend, and she would come to love his mother as her own mother. With their help, Delilah ended up telling the neighborhood kids off and gave them a good whooping. The next time they saw her, they apologized, and wanted to redeem themselves by hanging out with her. Delilah agreed.
For the years and years she'd live in that neighborhood, Delilah picked up on the little quirks of the kids, and the speech and accent, and eventually became apart of the neighborhood. She also met Laila with Niles in their middle school years, and Delilah stuck with Laila like glue.
Since her parents were supplied with good jobs, they ended up saving money for her to go to the school that her best friend Niles has been attending, and with Laila going there too! It was a good thing for Delilah, as she finds herself running amuck in this crazy school of theirs doing whatever she wants!

-She loves dogs and will cut you if you diss them
-She has a younger sister named Gina
-Her parents don't understand how she got the way she is today
-People think she's a ghetto latino and freak out when they realize she's all white LOL
-Her main place that she shops at is Goodwill and Ross
-whenever she goes to the mall she always go for the sales
-When talking with her parents she has to talk normally (meaning not 'ghetto-like' as her parents call it)
-She reads manga


Name: Niles
Middle Name: Caprice
Color: (Christmas) Red
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Sexuality: Asexual
Nationality: British
Personality: Sassy, Proper, Friendly, Considerate
Height: 5'8
Weight: 137 lbs
Class: Grimband
Instrument: Clarinet, Harp
Birthday: September 2

History: Niles was born around Manchester, England, where his mom was for most of her life, and he lived there for the first few years of his life. It was quite uneventful for him and his mom over there, so his mother decided to move to Arcea and settle there, since she described it as 'an out of place country.'Finding a home over there was difficult for her, but eventually she found what she thought was the perfect home. Great decor, good interior, big backyard...The only problem, she found out, was that it was in the 'ghetto neighbahood' and that the people can be rude to new home owners. Listening to the person that sold her the house, she found herself only going outside for groceries and work, and didn't socialize much with the neighbors, thinking it would be best with Niles not to get the wrong idea of 'good' and hang out with the wrong crowd. It was like this until a white couple with their daughter moved in, and they had no idea where they moved in and how bad the place was. Seeing the couple's daughter struggle with the neighborhood kids, Niles mom decided that she would help out the family, and give them advice. Meanwhile, Niles got aquainted with Delilah and seemingly in a blink of an eye, they became best friends.
After helping out Delilah's family for a while, Delilah decided that she would show the neighborhood kids a thing to do, and told them off and whooped their butts. Niles finding out about it, he just laughed and wished Delilah a job well done, and afterwards, the people in the neighborhood became like family to them, and it seemed like a nice place to be for them.
Since Niles dad couldn't move from Manchester, he supplies his family with money and visits on rare occasions, then goes back. It was Nile's dad that got him into Willowfree really, since he started to gain more and more money from his job. Niles was happy, but at the same time sad that he won't have Delilah, and Laila, whom he met in middle school, but he knew it was the best for him. After going there for sometime, he found out that both Laila and Delilah would come to Willowfree as well. He was so happy when he found this out. He thought that they could be the three musketeers again like in middle school, and do the craziest kinds of things in Willowfree. Turns out he was kind of right about that.

-People thinks he sounds very posh
-He likes joking around with Delilah all the time but can be quite sophisticated when the time needs it
-He'll clip his bangs back if they start to hang on his face
-You wouldn't think he would hang out with Delilah since he's really proper
-He finds Laila trying to hide her feelings from Asher amusing and loves to tease about it
-He won't be stupid and let Delilah and Laila run over him. If he thinks they're going too far on something, he'll stop them.
-He has an older brother back in Manchester named Harvey
-Usually he takes lessons every week for playing harp, since it's his favorite instrument, but he also plays the Clarinet as to find something different from  the string instruments.

(Basically Niles is the nice one, Laila is the hard-headed, stubborn leader, and Delilah does what she wants LOL)
Aren't they lovely. |D;;;

Characters (c) ME/RabbitLuver21
Pochikou (c) Rightful owner
Rainband-Geeks (c) Julie/kakuzu-chan12

Here's the link to Pochi if you want to use it (but be careful since it's a mature dress-up game PFF-):
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